English for Medics

Welcome to English for Medics

English for Medics is a set of self-study materials for learning language for doctor-patient communication.
Each of the two modules focuses on a stage in a doctor-patient interview and contains exercises to help you learn useful language related to that stage. Some of the language areas you will study include: asking open and closed questions, confirming and summarising information, and expressing empathy.

English proficiency level

In order to gain most benefit from the English for Medics materials, you should have language competence equivalent to level B2 on the Common European Framework for Languages.
Note, however, that these materials are not aimed at improving your general language level, but aim to improve your competence in a specfic vocational area (i.e. patient interviews).

Learning objectives

  • Learn useful language for doctor-patient communication in the context of patient-centred interviewing
  • Become more aware of the norms of non-verbal communication in the UK
English for Medics
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