Bilde av bok med alfabet
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Bilde av det norske flagget

Norwegian for Foreign Nurses

Intermediate level
CEF-level: B1

The course is divided into five main lessons. You may click

Picture of the lection part of the menu to get from this introduction page to the lessons. Furthermore you can go from one lesson to another from the top and the bottom of each page.

You can listen to parts of the passages by clicking Bilde av høyttaleror whole passages by clicking Bilde av høyttaler

The course has several vocabularies, structured in different ways. For each text words or phrases are translated in the order they appear in the text (Picture of the vocabulary part of the menu), and a main vocabulary in alphabetical order Bilde av bok med alfabet. The vocabularies are Norwegian-Norwegian, Norwegian – English and Norwegian – German  Bilde av norsk flaggBIlde av engelsk flaggBilde av tysk flagg.


In order to access the grammar you can go to the menu at the top or bottom of each page and click Bilde av grammatikkmenyfeltet. For each lesson there are exercises. You get to the to exercises from the top or bottom of the pages by clicking Picture of the exercise part of the menu. The exercises have a check function, as well as a hint function.

If you cannot type the Norwegian vowels æ, ø and å you may type respectively ae, oe or ö, and aa. There are also dictations.


Work on the lessons

In order to understand as much as possible before you read the passage, you should listen to each passage one or more times. Since the lessons include several passages with authentic speech, there is some divergence between the oral and written versions.

However, it is recommended that you use this opportunity to practice your skills in understanding authentic speech. Once you have listened to the texts, you can go on reading the passages using vocabularies, and work on grammar and exercises

Short overview of lessons